About Sociability

Sociability was set up in May 2015 by Jonathan and Deborah Barrow.  In May 2016 Sociability became a fully registered charity.  The idea of Sociability has always been to provide a system of reciprocal support whereupon each client is willing to offer and receive support based upon equality, respect and a shared lived experience.  However, Sociability is not only about being there to help support each other, we also provide structure through a range of socially inclusive activities which are designed to improve each individuals physical and mental well-being, providing legitimate alternatives to help challenge unhealthy patterns of behaviour.  Sociability encourages open group dialogue during sessions, adding the social element to our natural well-being.

As Sociability continues to develop into the best support system in the borough, we will continue to be shaped by our clients who all share their own distinctive knowledge of ‘what works best’ whether it’s through the sharing of coping methods and strategies or just a well timed sympathetic ear, our organisation is characterised by our empathetic approach.

We really do appreciate just how difficult it can be to make the decision to visit us, and then to actually turn up in person can be even more daunting, but we really do encourage you to drop by for a 5 minute chat, you will be more than welcome.

Hope to meet you soon Jonathan Barrow (Chairman)