What to expect at a session

Worried about coming to a Sociability session, that’s a natural feeling, everyone gets nervous before going somewhere new.  However, everyone who attends Sociability has their very own set of difficulties to endure.  No one is going to judge you, as no one is judging them 🙂 Sociability is a place where you will be welcomed.

Volunteers are provided by the people who attend the sessions, if you feel like being a volunteer for a particular session, making yourself available to your peers for a chat or a game then go for it.  This way the sessions are shaped by the people taking part.

Sociability also has trained volunteers present at every session, who have been enhanced DBS checked and have received training in a variety of relevant courses.

Sociability provides its services based upon open dialogue between service users with lived experience.  No one can know more about how you feel as an individual than you do.  However, this does mean that service users accept that what they hear while at Sociability is based on opinion only!  We do not provide clinical support or suggest that we do, nor do we provide any access to clinical support, ours is an alternative system of support…DIY help if you like, someone may suggest something you haven’t tried, it may work for you it may not.  Sociability like to believe that people naturally care about each other and want to help support others in need, and the more people who take part the stronger we will be together.

Sociability do not keep information about you, we don’t ask you questions about your health.  However, if you do want to talk then someone is always on hand to listen.  If you can imagine the old social clubs, then we are a social club, but with the difference that everyone who uses our services has some kind of health conditions to endure.

The majority of our service users attend Sociability after being through mental health support services, or while waiting for mental health service support.

If you drop in for 5 minutes and feel too anxious to stay, no one will even look up, its how things are at Sociability.  We would take that as a positive that you made it to us for 5 whole minutes!

Sociability can not accept any potential members who suffer from health conditions with symptoms including anger or aggressive behavior.

We ask for two things when you come along, fill out a membership form or have someone help you fill one out ‘one page’ and to sign up to our ‘code of conduct’ and that’s it…your in!

Service user comments:
‘I love coming to Sociability, i look forward to each session’ J
‘I was lost for a bit, but with the support from my friends at Sociability i found my way back’ P
‘The welcome at Sociability is so warm and friendly, it truly is a special place’ T
‘There isn’t anywhere like Sociability’ S
‘My anxiety was getting so bad i was not leaving the house, now i only leave the house to go to Sociability, but its a step forwards’ B
‘I put my name down for the next fish & chip day as soon as one finishes, love it!’ A
‘I love sitting out in the garden chatting, i feel so normal!’ G
‘I wished Sociability didn’t close’ S