What will it cost me?

Sociability is a member only organisation, membership to Sociability is free of charge.  We only ask that you sign our code of conduct and complete a short membership form.

Wednesday – Donation…suggested £1 ‘so that we can buy more materials’ thank you

Friday – free entrance to all

Disclaimer of sort… 
Sociability of course take responsibility in trying to take care of the people who come to visit us, in that we want people to have fun while being completely safe.  Thus, we provide a ‘code of conduct’ and we will remove anyone who does not abide by our rules.  Sociability operates through policies and procedures which our volunteers stick to.  However, when it comes to each individuals clinical health, we do not hold any information on our members, non do we have access to any information with regards to each members physical or mental condition.  Therefore, it is always best if you first visit your GP to make sure you are in good enough health to take part in any physical exercise of any sort, before you take part! If you do take part in any active group at Sociability we can not be held responsible for your physical health, this has to be your responsibility.  While any individual is at Sociability they are not required to take part in anything, everything we provide remains up to the individual to personally choose what they wish to take part in.  If you do take part and feel any sort of pain or discomfort then stop immediately and get checked out by your GP.

Our sessions are provided by peer volunteers just like you, we are unpaid and do not claim to be professionals.

Thank you Jonathan Barrow