Activities & Sessions


Mindful Games

Take part in games which bring about our basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we are taking part in. Awakening our inherent mental, emotional, and physical processes, not to be overwhelmed by what is going on in the world around us.


Gardening can reduce levels of stress and improve our mood, this leads to a reduction in symptoms of despression and anxiety. Sociability have filled numerous planters with fruit, vegetables and plants. Gardening sessions are for service users to make these areas their own.

Bike Repairs/Upcycling

Sociability have invested into a large selection of professional bike tools, service users can repair or restore bikes at their leisure. Bikes can be provided or service users are welcome to bring their own. Care is taken to balance the positives from this form of distraction technique against any negative frustrations. Both sessions are built around a relaxed, social enviroment, led by experienced staff.

Sensory Walk

Participates take part in walking a set route around the park. Taking in the boats moored at the waterfront, along a route of greenery, plants and flowers. Participates are encouraged to be aware of their surroundings, taking in the experience via their thoughts and emotions, heightening positive senses.

Park History Walk And Talk

Participants are invited to take part in a history stroll around Wat Tyler Country Park. The park is steeped in a rich historical background. Not least the naming of the park after the Peasant's revolt leader Wat Tyler. The revolt starting in nearby Fobbing in 1381. But perhaps the most informative years for participants to share comes from the correlation of the park to its use for explosives for war. Maintaining methods of mindfulness.

Singing For The Soul

The benefits of singing to our mental health are well documented. Singing relieves stress by reducing the stress hormone 'cortisol' in our saliva. Stimulates the immune response and increases the pain threshold. Exercising the muscles in the respiratory system, it improves our lung function and breathing. Our singing seassons are for groups of people to come together socially connected. You can be absolutely tuneless, if you would like to belt out a song with others then this is for you. Improve your mental wellbeing, while developing your ability to cope with physical and emotional pain.

Cycle Trails

Service users bring their own bikes and safety equipment. A different trail each week is explored by the group. Led by a member of our staff and volunteers. Regular riding is suggested to help reduce levels of stress hormones, improve sleep and creative thinking. The regular, uniformed movement of cycling has a relaxing effect on the brain, stabilizing both physical and mental functioning.

Tab Wildlife Photography

Individuals are provided with one of our Galaxy Tabs each. Guided by a member of staff, a group explores the park to take wildlife pictures. On returning to base, pictures are reviewed and discussed. Photography has a number of therapeutic benefits linked to our mental health, it helps us showcase our creativity, it allows us to detach from outside responsibilities for a time, providing the opportunity to improve our mood.

Film Appraisal

A carefully selected film is shown to the group via a projector set up. After which the group reviews and discusses the film in depth. Viewing certain movies encourages emotional release. Even if we find it difficult to express our emotions, we still find ourselves laughing or crying during a film. This is a process which allows the expressing of difficult emotions, making them more familiar and comfortable.

Tai Chi - Tutoring Provided by a Professional Instructor

Sociability welcomes back our friend, World renowned martial arts expert Gary Matthews. Gary will be providing tuition to our service users. Gary's unique style of Tai chi and qigong teach the simple methods of gentle flowing movements and principles of focusing the mind and body as one. Gently stretching and strengthening the body, releasing muscular tension and finding your centre.

Absolutely no experience is necessary

Guitar Lessons - Tutoring Provided by a Professional Instructor

Guitar lessons are provided in groups, led by our friend Matt, member of a local band and having qualified from the London University of Music, Matt has a relaxed approach and welcomes all levels. An ideal way of distracting the mind and focusing on something calming. While also being able to take home what is learnt to practice at home.

Bereavement - Psychotherapist Directed

Facilitated by a fully accredited psychotherapist. Support for anyone suffering from the emotional devastating trauma of losing someone loved and important to them. Provided by our fully qualified psychotherapist, we would like people to come along and share their thoughts and emotions, to talk about their lost loved one if they wish. We are here to be guided and to listen to you.

Loss - Psychotherapist Directed

Facilitated by a fully accredited psychotherapist. The experience following a loss can be expressed by emotional feelings of grief. Often the term grief is correlated to a bereavement. However, the emotional response of grief following a loss can surface from a wide variety of experiences, for example: the end of a relationship, the loss of a job, the decline of our or someone we care abouts health. This group is for people who would like support whist negotiating a way through these awful times. We are here to listen to you.

A Structured Life 'Open Group Dialogue' - Psychotherapist Directed

An organised life style, a good night's sleep, punctuality and a healthy diet are all positive components for our mental health. This session provides advice on maintaining a structured life style. A relaxed session which welcomes service user input.

Self Help & Coping Strategies 'Open Group Dialogue' - Psychotherapist Directed

Facilitated by a fully accredited psychotherapist. This sesson relies on interaction, participants are encouraged to share advice, exchange coping strategies and methods of self-help, discussed and overseen by a professional. Individuals can also highlight issues they are having and would like support with.

Managing Me 'Anxiety & Depression - Psychotherapist Directed

If you are struggling with the disabling symptons of anxiety and/or despression, this course is designed to provide you with useful methods and strategies to live a meaningful life with your symptoms. Interaction during sessions is welcomed but not an essential part for participation.

Sewing Bees

Sewing is increasingly becoming recognized as an effective way to combat depression, the absorption demanded by needlework, its flow, calms the mind and reduces stress. A mindful way of distracting negative thoughts, providing a focus of thought and energy. Adding an enormous sense of accomplishment once a project has been completed. Part of this activity is to make do and mend.

No experience in needle work is necessary

Art & Crafting

Engaging with art & craft boosts our mental wellbeing. Obviously, not a new concept, but rather a well-used activity to combat stress and anxiety. Dating back to the first world war, returning soldiers were prescribed basketry to relieve anxiety and physical ailments. Similar to this tried and tested philosophy, this activity involves for example making and painting a bird box.

Peaceful Pony

Working in partnership with our friends at Peaceful Pony. Sociability is able to provide a unique opportunity to our service users. A morning or afternoon session of equine facilitated learning. Through a range of equine-assisted activities service users are able to achieve the psychological benefits of human and horse therapy. Founder of Peaceful Pony "Holly" is a qualified mental health nurse. Our partnership will bring the expertise of both services together to promote mental health recovery in this equine manner. This is a group session, transport is provided.

Sessions are decided upon by the majority of the participates.

Please express interest if you would like us to form the following groups and sessions.

Adult Learning

A range of different online courses designed to improve skills or refresh previously held knowledge will be available to select from. An example of which could be: English, Math, Science, History, I.T and Space, or we are happy to try to facilitate your requests.

Transgender Tips & Advice

A safe and confidential environment to meet and share advice and tips. Unload unwanted burdens and speak to like-minded people. Live how you want to live, support others to support you in your community. If you feel different on the inside to how you may appear on the outside, then express your interest to form a group for you.

LGBTQI+ United Support Group

A support group designed by and provided for people whose identities are affected by issues associated with their identity. It is not a person's identity that causes a mental health issue, it is the discrimination and stigma associated with it that we reject. Sociability invites you to make this session yours, build connections within the community in a safe and confidential environment.

Sociability do not currently provide any form of drop-in or walk-in service. Sociability strictly provides a reserved places only facility!

For information on Personal Health Budgets or to reserve an assessment, please use our Personal Health Budget form.

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*All available sessions at Sociability can be accessed by a personal health budget.

*If you are concerned about your physical health, before taking part in any of the available sessions please speak to your GP. If you feel any health issues while taking part you must stop and tell a member of staff.


Sessions are currently only available via a pre-booking service. The best way to do this is by using our PHB contact form here. There is no walk-in service, please do not attend for a drop-in service. Sociability currently do not provide this service.

Once an activity is fully booked, Sociability reserves the right to withdraw this activity for the duration of the course. Therefore, places are limited. Sociability will continuously add new options for activities and provide updates for anyone who expresses an interest in attending.

*Sessions are subject to short notice change and updates where necessary.